We can research and locate rare and old, out of print hard copy books associated with Corporate Governance: Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, Compliance, Risk Management, Quality Assurance and other branches of Corporate Governance. Amazon are not likely to have it, in which case you should please ask us to find it for you. We ask for an up-front fee of GBP £99.00 in advance to locate the book for you (not to purchase it for you). If we cannot locate a copy of the book you seek, we will refund £49 to you, and we retain £50.00. If we succeed in locating it we will let you know the price the owner seeks for it and put you in touch with the owner. If you wish, we can negotiate with the owner on your behalf for a further £99.00. You will make the payment to the owner to purchase it, and the risk is yours regarding delivery of the book to you. DISCLAIMER: At no time do we become the owner of the book: we become your agent in doing our level best to procure the book you seek, and we do not promise to find the book, or ensure that you can purchase the book.
If you seek further information contact or Director:  Roger Clark FCA  TEL:  (+44) 0758 287 1143  EMAIL: [email protected]  or you may write to us using the Contact Us page of this website.
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